Shropshire Inter-Village Halls Quiz Update

On Friday 1 March, The Village Hall at Norbury hosted the Shropshire Inter-Village Halls Quiz, organised by the Shropshire Rural Communities Charity.  The quiz was challenging yet entertaining.  Eleven teams (including Norbury) participated – Trefonen, Snailbeach, Bayston Hill, Caynham, Kinnerley, Harmer Hill, Stapleton, Chapel Lawn, Pitchford, Weston Lullingfields, Shawbury, Whittington, Clungunford, Picklescott, Weston-u-Redcastle, Waters Upton North, Kempton, Cressage and Higher Heath. This was the first occasion that Norbury has hosted the event and for most of the teams, it was their first time at the Village Hall.  We received many positive comments about the wonderful venue, the location, and the warmth!  Plus, of course, the lovely food. A big ‘thank you’ to all those who made the sandwiches, baked the cakes, donated raffle prizes and helped out on the evening.