Bar Facility

Norbury Village Hall has a bar facility which is separate and away from the kitchen, that serves the main hall space via a hatch. The bar is accessed via the small meeting room with a drop down counter / entrance (shown above) along with shutters on both sides to close-off the bar area as required.

The bar is a fully contained facility with a sink for washing up, wine cooler, small fridge, glass-washer and plenty of room to store, prepare and serve your favourite cocktails. The bar is equipped with a large selection of glasses (pint, tumblers and stemmed wine glasses) and also houses some of the hall’s older crockery if additional supplies are required. There is also a kettle, so if you hire the small meeting room independently from the main hall, then light refreshments can be served from the bar. The bar facility also has a rear (lockable) cupboard where you can store your drinks, and other items safely.

Please find a copy of the Norbury Village Hall Premises Licence attached (for the serving and selling of alcohol).