The kitchen at Village Hall Norbury

The Village Hall at Norbury has a fantastic kitchen – perfect for catering for any special event. The kitchen is spacious and would easily allow ten or more people to work comfortably preparing food or indeed washing up!

The kitchen at Norbury Village Hall has plenty of stainless steel work surface / counter tops around the perimeter and also work stations in the middle of the kitchen, plus a large service hatch with electronic opening and closing.

The kitchen has the following equipment:

  • a large freestanding fridge (top) and freezer (bottom)
  • an instant hot water heater (perfect for serving large amounts of hot drinks)
  • a large stainless steel plate warmer (can also be used to keep food warm during service)
  • a 6 ring electric hob
  • a large electric oven
  • a microwave oven
  • a dishwasher (chemicals included)
  • two sinks and drainers
  • large pots, pans and baking trays

If you hire The Village Hall at Norbury, the use of the equipment listed above is included in your hire fee, also included are:

  • white dinner plates
  • white side plates
  • white bowls
  • white mugs, cups, saucers and jugs
  • knives, forks & spoons
  • a selection of wine glasses and tumblers

You can download the latest inventory here: Kitchen & Bar Inventory

With so much included in your hire fee, hiring the Village Hall at Norbury is an extremely cost-effective place to have a wonderful party, event or indeed meeting.

To book the Village Hall at Norbury, Shropshire please call 07494 088463 or email