Funds raised for a defibrillator to be sited at the Village Hall

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to a couple of weeks fundraising in Norbury, Hardwick and Whitcott we have raised over £2000 to site and finance the upkeep of a defibrillator at the Village Hall Norbury.

The need for a defibrillator was highlighted when a neighbour suffered a heart attack and was kept alive by prompt action from their family and friends, who had to collect a defibrillator from Wentnor – some 10 minutes away. We heard how vital it is to get prompt action when someone suffers a heart attack. Having learnt all this, we felt one sited at the Hall was the best way to ensure help is rapidly available when it’s needed; it would not only serve the needs of the local villages but also the Hall users should they require it.

We never expected to raise the money so quickly so a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed. Watch this space for training which will be provided at the Hall in November.