Table Tennis

The Table Tennis ‘club’ has been operating informally from Norbury Village Hall for several years under the benevolent direction of Rev. Norman Morris.  The is a core ‘membership’ of of about a half dozen who play weekly on Monday afternoons using the folding table which is stored in the passage way leading to the store shed.

Latterly we have had a welcome influx of new residents from Norbury which bodes well for the future and we are fortunate to have obtained a second table which will be vital to the expansion of the ‘club’ as and when the new hall is completed and becomes available.

So far membership growth has been somewhat held back by apprehension that the standard of play is too high!  This is far from the case and it must be emphasised that the overriding experience is that of fun and social interaction.  The coming of the new hall and a second table can only help to stimulate the standard of play and increase the enjoyment of the players.

Although the majority of the ‘members’ are retired there is no age limit and the sexes are equally split. Games are invariably played in the doubles format because of the members involved but this could very well change when the second table become available.

Table Tennis takes place at Norbury Village Hall from 2pm every Monday afternoon (except for Bank Holidays), in between the lively matches the attendees enjoy hot drinks and homemake cake supplied by one of the members.

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